The Condom Challenge Is Not A Joke: Teens Really Pulling Condoms Through Their Nose And Out Their Mouth

The safety Challenge is that the latest stupid net craze that's sweeping through teens on social media, and sadly, it's not AN Gregorian calendar month Fool's Day joke.

The activity is each crazy and dangerous, and it would simply defeat all the supposed challenges that bored teens have tried within the past.

The safety Challenge: Here's What It means that
Earlier this year, bored teens tried the Tide Pod Challenge. It needed them to eat Tide Pods, that area unit tiny pods containing detergent that gave the look of candy attributable to their colors. It goes while not spoken language that the Tide Pods weren't meant to be eaten , however teens did it anyway despite the risks.

Just after you thought things couldn't get any worse, here comes the safety Challenge, additionally called the safety Snorting Challenge.

The safety Challenge needs you to inhale a safety up your naris, so pull it through your throat and out your mouth. The try, of course, would be recorded on video, to indicate the planet through social media.

While the challenge is creating a comeback, it's truly been around for a jiffy. Savannah robust was one amongst the primary folks to travel infectious agent with the safety Challenge back in 2013, however her video has since been taken down on YouTube. Searches through the video-sharing web site, however, reveal similar tries at the safety Challenge as so much back as 2007.

The videos showing teens making an attempt the safety Challenge area unit cringe worthy. If you continue to need to observe one, a straightforward search on YouTube can offer you many choices to settle on from, however you've got been warned.

The Dangers Of The safety Challenge
It ought to go while not spoken language that the safety Challenge poses lots of danger to teens United Nations agency would strive it. However, it seems that there's a necessity to spell things out.

The only issue that individuals ought to inhale up their nose is air — objects product of latex rubber and coated with preventive and lubricator don't seem to be on it list. Snorting condoms through the nose and out the mouth risks damaging the sensitive inner lining of the nose, and disclose potentialities of hypersensitivity and infections. there's additionally the terribly real danger of getting the safety mire in your nose or throat.

Is making an attempt the safety challenge, with all the hazards it presents, worthwhile for a number of shares and likes? sadly for a few teens, the solution is affirmative. The question now: what comes next once tide pods and condoms?

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