Lindsey Vonn Calls Leaked Nude Photos of Her and Ex Tiger Woods a ‘Despicable Invasion of Privacy’

Lindsey Vonn has declared the hacking and publication of her personal footage “despicable.” Few would disagree, but can the pictures’ march across the online be stopped?

Lindsey Vonn has become the primary star to react to the publication of intimate hacked pictures and video, vocation their publication associate “outrageous and despicable invasion of privacy”.
Revealing pictures and video of Vonn and her ex-boyfriend Tiger Woods were among dozens of nude pictures of celebrities together with Vonn and her ex, Tiger Woods, Miley prince and Kristen Stewart denote on-line yesterday.
Although the stars’ lawyers ar reportable to be operating round the clock to undertake and acquire the pictures taken down, they need been derived and shared across the web.
TMZ reports that the pictures of Woods and Vonn were hacked from Vonn's phone.
They embrace pictures of Woods and therefore the Olympic gold medalist jock that the try sent to every alternative once they were in an exceedingly relationship, the location aforesaid.
Woods, 41, and Vonn, 32, split in could, 2015.

In a statement Vonn aforesaid, "It is associate outrageous and despicable invasion of privacy for anyone to steal and lawlessly publish personal intimate photos.

According to U.S. weekly the statement continued: "Lindsey can take all necessary and applicable action to guard and enforce her rights and interests. She believes the people answerable for hacking her personal photos similarly because the websites that encourage this detestable conduct ought to be prosecuted to the fullest extent underneath the law."
The hacking remembers the events of 2014 once personal pictures of celebrities together with Jennifer Lawrence were hacked and printed.
Lawrence known as the hacking associated publication of her personal pictures a “sex crime” in an interview with lifestyle, and Ryan Collins, a Pennsylvania man, was sentenced to eighteen months in federal jail.
Collins used a phishing theme to get the login credentials of a minimum of fifty iCloud accounts and seventy-two Gmail accounts, most of that belonged to feminine celebrities, over an amount of virtually 2 years.
TMZ reports that Woods has employed lawyer Michael Holtz, who's threatening to sue the web site unless the pictures ar taken down like a shot.

"In May, Woods was in remission when driving unpredictably. He cursed associate sudden reaction to medication and completed a rehab program for addiction to prescription painkillers.
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